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Life & Work Balance

We have a work environment that promotes that our employees have balance work life. We believe work where deadlines are tight and work load is huge and employees should be able to enjoy work.

Rewards & Recognition

We value our people and provide a rewarding environment where you can gives ample of opportunity to showcare your talents and skills.

We are family

Become part of our culture and you become part our family where work and play add meaning to your life This give a sense of accomplishment to you deserve.
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    Current Openings
    Mobile Phlebotomy
    For Home Collection of Diagnostic Samples

    Location - Bangaluru / Chennai / Hyderabad
    Lab Technician
    Lab Operation

    Location - Bangaluru / Chennai / Hyderabad
    Team Leader
    Logistics Operation

    Location - Bangaluru / Chennai / Hyderabad
    Runner (Biker)
    Blood Samples Pickup & Delivery

    Location - Mumbai / Bangaluru / Chennai / Hyderabad
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